ESG: JBS finances telehealth unities for Amazon communities

Partnership with Sustainable Amazon Foundation operates in 25 cities in the state against pandemic

ESG: JBS finances telehealth unities for Amazon communities

The JBS social responsibility and ESG program “Fazer o Bem, Faz Bem” (from the Portuguese, “Doing Good is Good’) has donated R$ 2 million to support measures against the Covid-19 pandemic in Amazonas state.

About 5,600 people, who live far from health services of urban centers, benefit from the “SUS na Floresta” (“Health in the Forest”) project, coordinated by the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS).

“In addition to offering health care at this very delicate moment we face, the project leaves a permanent legacy for communities, which have little access to health services. Through this donation, we were able to adapt structures for the reality of people who live in those areas”, says Fernando Meller, manager of the Fazer o Bem Faz Bem program.

The resources aim the operation of 62 telehealth centers for rural communities in Amazonas, totaling 25 municipalities. The donation also includes health agents training, through online courses about hygiene and food safety topics for 150 professionals.

55 community and indigenous agents will also be trained to serve remote communities and another 25 community health agents will be trained to provide maternal and child health care.

Furthermore, the fund will support urgent and emergency transport services through the provision of 8,000 liters of fuel for municipalities authorities. 

Additionally, canoes will be equipped with stretchers in order to support community health agents to assist families across at least 20 rural communities. These vehicles are necessary for transportation of patients by rivers and streams.

“Donations are important, because they support three pivotal fronts in health care: telehealth centers operations, access to transportation and training health professionals”, says Luiz Castro, coordinator at FAS for the program “Health in the Forest”.

JBS’ support also promotes articulation with strategic Amazon municipalities in to strengthen public health system in the region, with the development of nine action plans. All over Brazil, JBS program has allocated R$ 400 million to initiatives against Covid-19 pandemic in more than 300 cities, at 26 states and the Federal District. More than 77 million people will benefit.